Are you ready for the summer? Of course we are all anticipating warm temperatures, barbecues, and time by the pool!  But, are you ready for shorts, swimsuits, and spaghetti strap dresses?

If the answer to that question isn't a solid YES, don't worry. My Summer Shape & Shred program is here to help you achieve your best summer body. 

This program has absolutely everything you need to transform your body for the summer season and to get you in the best possible shape - workouts, cardio, nutrition plan, ab training routines, weekly yoga flow, weekly coaching calls with me, and a private Facebook group for accountability and support.

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"I really love the way Carol adds variety to all the workouts and all her knowledge on nutrition. She is always encouraging and positive in all she does!" Becky T., current coaching client 

“Wanted to give a shout out...to Carol Covino Fitness. Just finished her glutes and hamstrings workout...Getting ready for summer with her fitness and diet plan. Over the last 3.5 years I have learned what tough workouts are thanks to this lady!” Amy B. talking about Lift Off to a Strong Summer.

"In 2015 I made the decision to compete in my first National Physique Bikini Competition. Without a doubt I knew Carol would be my go-to-girl and the perfect fit to help me reach my goal. Carol prepped me for 14 weeks leading up to the show. Every meal and work out was scientifically and strategically planned and well thought out. Carol is not only extremely knowledgeable but a true inspiration. She taught me how to fall in love with myself again through fitness. I plan to continue to train with Carol and make loving and taking care of myself a priority. Thank you Carol for sharing your passions and selflessness with others!" Renee V., current coaching client

"I knew my workouts with Carol were making me stronger when I was able to unload a 40 pound bag from the car, and it didn't even feel heavy!!" Gyda D., current coaching client

"Love the workouts! Perfect amount of cardio with intervals." Julie B. talking about Lift Off to a Strong Summer.

This coaching group is for you if...

-You are serious about reshaping and transforming your body for the summer.
-You are ready to make this commitment to yourself. 
-You are excited to be a part of a group who encourages, supports, and affirms one another’s fitness goals and strengths. 
-You like the accountability of small groups and individualized coaching. 
-You want a customized meal plan that fits your unique, individual likes and needs. 

This coaching group is not for you if... 

-You do not have access to a full gym. The workouts do require gym equipment. 
-You are unable to commit to personal fitness. 
-You do not want the accountability and support of a small group. 
-You do not want individual coaching. 
-You are not interested in making a healthy lifestyle change.

Hi, I'm Carol!

I am a certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist, fitness nutriton expert, and yoga instructor with years of experience working with women of all ages to achieve their fitness goals. I have a background in competitive running, cycling, skiing, hiking, and backpacking and am currently a top 3 national Figure competitor.

Years ago I was a competitive runner doing hours of cardio to prepare for races. Although I loved competing, I did not like the shape of my body and was often self-conscious in shorts and swimsuits. I appeared thin but had very little muscle and was even flabby due to higher body fat. I know first hand the frustration of wanting to wear attractive summer clothes but struggling with confidence.

When I discovered weight lifting and how to use food to build lean muscle, everything changed for me. I felt confident and wanted to wear summer clothes-not just in the summer season but all year long! I created this program because I want women to be able to take their bodies to the next level, gain lean muscle, eat healthy, and shed excess body fat.  In short, I want women to feel fit and confident for summer and beyond!